Sunday, September 16, 2007

Verizon Wireless

I hate them. Okay, so I was thinking about a week ago that I wanted to hack my phone(Motorola Razr V3M) for a few reasons. One, Verizon cripples all of their phones. Two, if I fuck up, I might be able to get my mother to get me an iPhone. I am blogging this to rip on Verizon and tell people why they are getting mega ripped off . . . .no, actually Terra ripped off. They freaking cripple all of their products. The Motorola v3m comes from the factory with many features. blue tooth file transfer, USB file transfer for ring tone adding, and intuitive menu system. But Verizon Wireless does not seem to like this and decides that they want to take all of this away from you and charge you more to do so. They don't even simplify by taking away. They menu system they replace it with is ugly, no fun to work with, and has no features worth using. Verizon also overcharges for all services. It is $20 for unlimited texting. it is $5 with other carriers. I did fuck up in hacking my phone. But i got it to be pretty damn cool before I did. Its not even like I killed it. It still makes calls, it just cant receive them. Not even sure why. I figure I can go back in and remove all the hacking I put many days into, and have a 50/50 chance of my phone receiving calls again. But it will still suck like it did out of the box. Or, I could take the sim out and put it in my old phone. Ohhhh wait. Another pet peeve of Verizon is that there is no sim card. If I want to activate any of my old Verizon phones, I must call, wait on hold for 2 hours, pretend to be my dad, have his credit card, ssn, and a bunch of other secret stuff. And then they will ask for a long hex code behind the battery, and I need the number of both. So you better not be calling on one of the cells, because then you have to hang up and wait another 2 hours to get back to them after you take your battery out and get the number. I am not sure what I am going to do. I still have 2 1/2 months until my birthday which is when i can get the iPhone. And when that comes around, I don't know if i particularly want to use AT&T, i am considering very heavily unlocking it and going to T-Mobile. AT&T does not have ridiculous policies and does not ALWAYS cripple their phones. But they suck. They are an evil company. Hidden fees here, bad costumer support there. T-Mobile is the only provider that seems to have ethics. But they have the worst coverage I hear. But then I hear so many good things about them, and wonder if it is worth it. But if I do unlock the iPhone, and go to T-Mobile, i need unlimited data, so i need the blackberry plan, but i don't want to buy a blackberry. I want a free phone to take the sim out of and put in my iPhone and then throw in a closet. Going to T-Mobile is complicated in a nut shell, but the service will be cheaper. So as you can see, I have many phone calls to make. Some to AT&T, some to Verizon, some to Apple, and some to T-Mobile. I need a secretary. lol, frustrating. ttyal.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

iTunes Ringtone Service

Apple activated the service, and I played with it, it is a pretty nice feature. Now all Apple needs to do is make it so that you do not have to pay to cut 30 seconds out of a song you already own. You would think that there is obviously a way to hack into the iPhone and put your own 30 second clip and make that a ring-tone, and we know we can cut 30 seconds out of a song purchased from iTunes or acquired anywhere else already. So I think I might go with that route when I eventually get the iPhone and want a ring-tone. But the service is fun to lay with.



Price Drop!!! Exciting unles you are one of those who has alre3ady purchased yours. The remaining 4gb iPhones are still for sale and they are selling for only $299. I am not going to get one though. I am goint to get the 8gb probably. But I have a gut feeling that there is going to be a 16gb iPhne in the next dare I say 4 months? And now that Apple has invested in chips froma company that makes 3G chips, I have a gut feeling thatr 3G is going to be in the iPhone in the next 12 months for sure. I do not care if I only have 8gb in my iPhone, but I am willing to wait to get 3G. I would also like wireless syncing. There is a wireless iTunes Store now as all of you most likely already know. But am I able to download my podcasts the second they are released over EDGE or wifi? If I am, I am very exciterd about this service. Wireless syncing with your home computer would be pretty cool too. Not exactly sure how easy it would be to implement this. But it would be pretty awesome. My birthday is in about 3 months, so is all goes as planned, I will have an iPhone then. If I were more patient and a little bit smarted, I would wait till' Christmas. But I am not.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Caught Steve In a Lie

Steve Jobs states in today's press conference that he is replacing the 17" iMac which cost $1,199 with a 20" model for the same price, and that you are saving $300 and getting a better computer. Ummm . . .risky move much? For about a year now the 17" model has been $999. You are actually paying $200 more for the base iMac now steve.


The Apple Store Is Back Up

New iMacs (thats old news)

New iLife 08 with redesigned iMovie. This made me a little excited, I love iMovie.

New iWork as well.

Core 2 Duo Processors in the MacMini


This Is Really Cool, Im A Little Disappointed Though

This is nice, I like it, But I cant help but feel a little disappointed when I was hoping for this.

Oh Well, we cannot expect too much from apple, they have, or should have their entire design team working on the new touch screen iPods.


Monday, August 6, 2007

TELEPORTATION! As far as we can tell.

Okay, so i was doing a speed test today, and btw,I had some pretty low upload times, I will be calling comcast, I'm pretty sure I pay for much higher than that, but I don't know what I am paying for exactly. Anyway, I am just amazed at the potential of data transfer rates. There is a company producing functional flexible fiber optic cable, its just amazing what the potential is. So as I was babbling on to my sweet girlfriend who agreed with everything I said even though I was making so sense to her because she is a sweetheart, I came up with a theory. Okay, so assuming we have a connection fast enough to transfer real time full high definition video straight to a full high definition television. Okay, so you have a video chat. Now lets assume that this television is at a level of high definition that the person on the viewing end's eyes are unable to distinguish the image from something literally sitting right in front of him. Okay, now assume that the audio feed, the video feed, the high definition tv was set up properly on both ends of the connection, now . . .who's to say this is not reality, who's to say that they are not in the same room? They can not tell they are not. Just because they know that they are not doesn't mean that they are not in the same room. If a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody there to hear it, did it make a sound? It might have, but it might not have, there is no way to answer that. If our perception thinks the person is in the room with us, who is going to say they are not? This might be as close as we ever get to teleportation while I'm alive or for may years after. Just wanted to get that thought out in an entry.

Thanks for reading!