Monday, August 6, 2007

TELEPORTATION! As far as we can tell.

Okay, so i was doing a speed test today, and btw,I had some pretty low upload times, I will be calling comcast, I'm pretty sure I pay for much higher than that, but I don't know what I am paying for exactly. Anyway, I am just amazed at the potential of data transfer rates. There is a company producing functional flexible fiber optic cable, its just amazing what the potential is. So as I was babbling on to my sweet girlfriend who agreed with everything I said even though I was making so sense to her because she is a sweetheart, I came up with a theory. Okay, so assuming we have a connection fast enough to transfer real time full high definition video straight to a full high definition television. Okay, so you have a video chat. Now lets assume that this television is at a level of high definition that the person on the viewing end's eyes are unable to distinguish the image from something literally sitting right in front of him. Okay, now assume that the audio feed, the video feed, the high definition tv was set up properly on both ends of the connection, now . . .who's to say this is not reality, who's to say that they are not in the same room? They can not tell they are not. Just because they know that they are not doesn't mean that they are not in the same room. If a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody there to hear it, did it make a sound? It might have, but it might not have, there is no way to answer that. If our perception thinks the person is in the room with us, who is going to say they are not? This might be as close as we ever get to teleportation while I'm alive or for may years after. Just wanted to get that thought out in an entry.

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Derek said...

That's a pretty brilliant idea. We could start using high-definition holograms, find ways to put them in 3D, etc.

Derek said...

Oh, and your girlfriend probably doesn't understand the least bit what you're talking about.