Sunday, September 16, 2007

Verizon Wireless

I hate them. Okay, so I was thinking about a week ago that I wanted to hack my phone(Motorola Razr V3M) for a few reasons. One, Verizon cripples all of their phones. Two, if I fuck up, I might be able to get my mother to get me an iPhone. I am blogging this to rip on Verizon and tell people why they are getting mega ripped off . . . .no, actually Terra ripped off. They freaking cripple all of their products. The Motorola v3m comes from the factory with many features. blue tooth file transfer, USB file transfer for ring tone adding, and intuitive menu system. But Verizon Wireless does not seem to like this and decides that they want to take all of this away from you and charge you more to do so. They don't even simplify by taking away. They menu system they replace it with is ugly, no fun to work with, and has no features worth using. Verizon also overcharges for all services. It is $20 for unlimited texting. it is $5 with other carriers. I did fuck up in hacking my phone. But i got it to be pretty damn cool before I did. Its not even like I killed it. It still makes calls, it just cant receive them. Not even sure why. I figure I can go back in and remove all the hacking I put many days into, and have a 50/50 chance of my phone receiving calls again. But it will still suck like it did out of the box. Or, I could take the sim out and put it in my old phone. Ohhhh wait. Another pet peeve of Verizon is that there is no sim card. If I want to activate any of my old Verizon phones, I must call, wait on hold for 2 hours, pretend to be my dad, have his credit card, ssn, and a bunch of other secret stuff. And then they will ask for a long hex code behind the battery, and I need the number of both. So you better not be calling on one of the cells, because then you have to hang up and wait another 2 hours to get back to them after you take your battery out and get the number. I am not sure what I am going to do. I still have 2 1/2 months until my birthday which is when i can get the iPhone. And when that comes around, I don't know if i particularly want to use AT&T, i am considering very heavily unlocking it and going to T-Mobile. AT&T does not have ridiculous policies and does not ALWAYS cripple their phones. But they suck. They are an evil company. Hidden fees here, bad costumer support there. T-Mobile is the only provider that seems to have ethics. But they have the worst coverage I hear. But then I hear so many good things about them, and wonder if it is worth it. But if I do unlock the iPhone, and go to T-Mobile, i need unlimited data, so i need the blackberry plan, but i don't want to buy a blackberry. I want a free phone to take the sim out of and put in my iPhone and then throw in a closet. Going to T-Mobile is complicated in a nut shell, but the service will be cheaper. So as you can see, I have many phone calls to make. Some to AT&T, some to Verizon, some to Apple, and some to T-Mobile. I need a secretary. lol, frustrating. ttyal.



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